Advanced Practitioner : Agile Business Analysis

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This course offering is presently under development and open to reviewers. Thank you for your support in refining the course to be as effective as possible.  Any and all feedback is welcome, you can leave a comment or contact us at

Please note: Because of the breadth of this subject area, the course is designed to be linear, with each element building on the ones that have gone before.  During the review activity, though, the navigation to all elements has been made free-form, to allow reviewers to target specific subjects of interest. 

If you do take the free-navigation approach you may encounter references to things covered in earlier modules.

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Become certified as an Advanced Practitioner in Agile Business Analysis and establish yourself with a state-of-the-profession qualification that encompasses all aspects of operating effectively in the new economy both as a business analyst, and also as an influencer and thought leader in your organization.

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