Scaled Agile Question Sets for the Exam

Thanks for checking out the Scaled Agile Framework exam preparation question sets

The Scaled Agile Framework is the world’s most comprehensive, well-constructed, and successful framework for delivering agile-at-scale.

Part of that success of the Scaled Agile Framework comes from the comprehensive training programs baked into the implementation plan, and the high standards that are set for that training. Scaled Agile wants candidates to succeed, but they want them to do so because people have genuinely acquired the knowledge; so, we should expect the exams to be attainable, but not easy.

The scaled agile questions presented on this site are also not easy. They are designed to help you grow your knowledge ahead of your exam. These questions are suitable for preparation of all exam levels, from foundational through to advanced.

Our approach is not about memorizing answers, it is about deepening your understanding of the concepts. Whatever question you get in an exam, if you understand the concept, you will succeed; this powerful active-learning approach is based on the Socratic method of learning-by-answering-questions.

So, you can think of these scaled agile question sets as a preparation activity. Each one has feedback that is designed to help you locate the information you need, and learn from it. If you get a question wrong, that is not bad, it is good, because it shows you where you need to go to deepen your understanding of the framework.

These questions are created for SAFe 5.0 and are available in two ways:

  • A starter course with a question bank of 40 Scaled Agile questions, randomly presented in sets of 5 each time (Free course).
  • A comprehensive course with a question bank of 260 Scaled Agile questions with two modes you can use at will.
    • Learning Mode – groups of 50 randomly selected questions with immediate feedback after each question
      • This is designed as a learning aid. You can walk through the questions and immediately hone in on areas where you need to focus
    • Mock Exam – groups of 50 randomly selected questions with feedback at the end of the quiz
      • This is designed to give you an ‘exam-like’ experience, where you can checkpoint yourself and gain confidence for sitting your exam

We wish you the best in your career in Scaled Agile.