Why learn with our courses?

The transformation of the Global economy presents both a challenge and an opportunity. For organisations and individuals that make the effort to acquire the mindset, knowledge and capabilities to succeed, the coming decade will be rewarding and successful.  Conversely, organisations and individuals that seek to continue yesterday’s ways of working, will struggle to survive.

The outlook doesn’t look good; according to Forbes, more than half of the Fortune 500 companies will disappear in the next 10 years. 

Where do you want to be in 10 years?

Our courses are focused on knowledge workers who want to be winners in the New Economy. We can provide you with the capabilities needed to be a thought-leader in your organisation and effective in your profession.  

Our goal is to make this knowledge and capability accessible to every knowledge worker, wherever they may reside, who has the desire to learn.

Our Approach

Our approach is designed to cater to you, wherever you may be, and whatever device you are using to access the material. Our pricing approach is an order of magnitude lower than what you might pay for face-to-face training.

Our courses are comprehensive, comparable or higher in quality to what you might receive in a face-to-face 2 to 5 day course, but with the added benefit of having the material available to you forever.

We have designed our courses to be easy to use and digest, using the latest approaches in self-paced learning. All our courses are broken down into short, easily consumed, video segments, which each run for between 5 and 15 minutes. These ‘topics’ each represent a key knowledge concept. To embed the learning, topics are followed by an activity or quiz of a similar duration. Topics and quizzes can be repeated at will.

You can use the course navigation to reference this material at any time during or after the course, so anytime you need to refresh or reference a concept, you can find it easily.

Finishing a certification course and completing the final exam grants appropriate accreditation certificate and a digital badge in the competency, as well as evidence of education hours*


  • Education hours can be used to support ongoing professional development (e.g. PMI-PDU)
  • Finishing our free introduction course grants a completion certificate that can be used as evidence of education hours and/or professional development units.

Take the free introductory course, judge for yourself if our approach will be valuable to you.