Functional Manager effects of moving to Agile

What are functional managers supposed to do when teams are  autonomous and self-managing?

As organisations move towards adopting Lean, Agile, and DevOps ways of working, it raises challenges for existing hierarchies within the organisation.

Teams are supposed to be autonomous now, and self-managing.

While it may not be immediately clear what this means, it is evident that a number of aspects of the functional manager role are affected, and it is understandable that there will be concern.

This tool is designed to help functional managers find an answer to this question in the context of their own particular situation, and to provide a mechanism where mature and informed conversations can be had.

If you would like more context on the tool, you can check out our podcasts on this topic on YouTube.

  1. What are Functional Managers supposed to do now - part 1: Context and an analysis of functional manager responsibilities
  2. What are Functional Managers supposed to do now - part 2: Effects of a move to Agile, and potential responses
  3. How to use this tool






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