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What Good looks like

Free Course! Learn how to compete and win in the New Economy!


Advanced Practitioner : Agile Business Analysis

Become certified as an Advanced Practitioner in Agile Business Analysis and establish yourself with a state-of-the-profession qualification that encompasses all aspects of operating effectively in the new economy both as a business analyst, and also as an influencer and thought leader in your organization.

Lean Agile Project Management

Change reality and turbocharge your career with a world-class, comprehensive, and impactful certification in Lean-Agile Project Management.
On Demand - 35 education hours - 14 lectures - 23 Lessons - 49 Topics - 42 Quizzes-LAPM Certification and Digital Badge.

Revolutionary Roots: Exploring the Beginnings of Agile, DevOps, and Lean

Lean Into DevOps: A Kickstart to Better, Faster Software Development

Power Hour: Leveraging AI for Stellar Project Management Results